DL Poly Classic Installation

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DL Poly Classic Installation

DL Poly Classic 1.9 on Debian 7.0


1. First you need to check if Tcsh is intalled

aptitude install tcsh

2. Go to and check the download instructions: http://www.ccp5.ac.uk/DL_POLY_CLASSIC/

NOTE: Check MPI and basic libraries

3. Download and untar in a common location, for instance /usr/local/ 4. Edit /etc/profile.d/apps.sh and add the following lines. Then replicate these changes in the apps.sh file of every node.

File: /etc/profile.d/apps.sh
#DL Poly Classic
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/dl_class_1.9
5. Test using the test exercises found in the same location of the sources.
NOTE: The Java GUI can't be installed. It should be installed in the client machine and the proyect files uploaded