Slurm-web Installation

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Slurm-web installation

First, let's review the prerequisites:

  • python
  • pyslurm (python module)
  • Flask (python module)
  • clusterShell (python module)
  • bootstrap (javascript library)
  • jQuery
  • Flot (jQuery extension for graph drawing)

all python modules and javascript libraries ought to be installed via apt packages for the slurm-web installation to work

Installing prerequisites

Some previous packages:

aptitude install apache2-dev
aptitude install libapache2-mod-wsgi
apt-get install debuild


aptitude install python-flask

Test it by the procedure detailed in ClusterShell:

aptitude install clustershell

Check the project page for more info PySlurm: The slurm-web package require pyslurm to be provided by a package called python-pyslurm. In the debian release where this procedure was tested that package didn't exist, so it had to be provided by a dummy package. First, install the real pyslurm using pip

pip install pyslurm

Test it using the examples shown in Then create a dummy package using equivs. First, install equivs if your system doesn't have it:

aptitude install equivs