Setting-up an NFS client for just one user

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OAR Administration

The following procedure allows NFS to work for a single user or a set of them, without using NIS or LDAP authentication. 1. Create a group in the target (client) machine. In this example gid_number and GroupName represent the gid and name of the group in the server machine, with exact capitalisation.

groupadd -gid gid_number GroupName --force-badname

2. Create a user in the target (client) machine. In this example ID and UserName represent the uid and name of the user in the server machine and gid_number the gid of the previously created group, with exact capitalisation.

useradd -gid gid_number UserName --uid ID --force-badname

3. Test the setup by mounting the required folder. It should be being exported in the server machine.

4. Edit /etc/fstab accordingly.